A S Harding Knives

Custom made Knives

Life in the woods is always better with my dog of course

I like to travel light too with just a good hammock set up. This jungle hammock has been very comfortable in English winters.

I like to shoot and forage for my own food whenever possible...Never these though....

​Bushcraft as we call it today is of course where this all begins. I have strong memories and feelings about the first time I spent time alone in a tent at the age of twelve in a remote location thinking that I was a great adventurer and being alone at that age I probably was. I remember the excitement and just a little bit of fear but most of all I remember the noises and smells of being in the woods. 

Those early experiences together with the ones I also undertook with friends have left their mark. Over forty years have passed and I think that my love of being in the outdoors is greater now than ever before. Of course these days it includes the North American wilderness where some of that fear and excitement come back and with good reason, especially in bear country.  

My whole objective with Bushcraft is to live comfortably in the forest which is why I get to do that with my knife making as part of my way of life now.

I love the idea that the knives that i make can help open the way for others all over the world to have their own set of experiences and memories.

These days I dedicate my life to gaining more wilderness skills, making knives and using them.

The best set up for an extended stay in the woods, the outfitter camp as some in north America call it, a good canvas tent with a wood burning stove and a camp bed. I have been comfortable and warm with -10c outside.

A recent picture, just taking the day off but very close to the place where it all started for me..

Some of my own kit includes neck knife, bushcraft knife with all leather items made by me of course. It includes a Hudson Bay tinder box and my Woodlore knife that I bought back in 1999.