​​​Leather Work

My leather work is all hand created. I have wrestled in the past with doing some of it on a machine, especially when I first started and my fingers were sore. Now with fingers like leather themselves I'm glad I persevered because I'm proud of each item I create.  

​$370.00  US       £270.00 GBP

 SOLD  $360.00  USD     £265.00 GBP

SOLD        $420.00 USD     £300.00 GBP

Handmade Bush craft Knives and Leather Work 

This knife is made with 3mm carbon steel making it a little lighter than the usual 4mm.
It is a Woodlore type bushcraft knife with a traditional Scandi grind. 
The blade is 4 inches long and the handle 4 1/2.
The handle is English Yew with brass fittings and black liners.
Also hand made, the sheath is thick veg tanned leather and has been weather proofed. 
With correct use this knife will easily last a lifetime and more.
I comes razor sharp. 

This bushcraft knife is made with the strongest of materials.

Green Micarta handle with red G10 liners that are fixed with red epoxy. There are also red mosaic pins.   The blade is 4mm 01 tool steel and is 4 inches long, the handle is 4 1/2 inches long

It has a scandi grind and is razor sharp. The butt plate is welded on and has my logo on it. 

  The sheath is handmade and also built to last.


​$370.00  US       £270.00 GBP

customers can contact me at   tonyharding4@hotmail.com



My first love was bushcraft and I am out using and developing my knives weekly. I firmly believe that my knives are the better for it after all I know first hand what works, what doesn't and what I want to change.

About Me

I have been wandering around the wilderness since I was a child. I found the love of solitude and closeness to nature grew as I did and I found a deep yearning for outdoor life and work. I have always carried a knife and as I became more experienced I found I wanted to have one which I had made and designed, which fitted my needs as an outdoorsman. I made and tested many knife designs until I settled on the traditional bushcraft shape I make today. This doesn't mean I don't continue to change and add new ideas, as I use my knives constantly I find small changes I can make that will make handling and using them a pleasure. I also think they should last a lifetime and look good; I have just inherited a knife I made for my father over 10 years ago and it's still a beautiful knife that I can still get a razor sharp edge on. I want everyone who buys one of my knives to get the same pleasure and satisfaction from using them as I do.

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